Looking for your next talent acquisition?

I’m looking for a job and I’m a talented guy. I’m a fast learner and I’ve built up a bank of strong skills over time.

Dan Course - Project Management CV
Dan Course – Project Management CV

I co-built a SME the creative digital sector and then sold my share. I’ve spent time running Apprenticeship workshops on a digital unit, co-led seminars for 100+ University students and have given up my time to mentor 6th formers in their business challenge.

I can code in the full LAMP stack competently and use different frameworks commercially, I can code front-end (CSS/JS) very well and commercially use a variety of frameworks. See my coding skills too on my portfolio.

I am very confident with project managing digital projects in Agile or waterfall and I’m great at taking a project from zero to “what’s actually needed”.

I’m a confident and effective  networker, good at making presentations, able to “soft” sell, can explain any technology to anyone and I’m personable.

So… anyone want me as their next Talent Acquisition? I’m not usually this “forward”, but you kinda’ need to be when you’re job hunting and keep writing the same things over and over again!

I’m looking for a job in the Midlands ** leading or being part of a team delivering special digital projects.

Contact me on hello@dancourse.co.uk, twitter.com/dancourse to talk or for my various CV’s.

Thanks for your time.

Dan Course

** Around the Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Kenilworth, Nuneaton, Solihull area, I’m happy to travel on occasion or work some remote time (ie. for London).


imacros, a Google Chrome replacement for SE builder

This little tool popped up in my feed today called, iMacro, for Google Chrome. It’s a bit like the Selenium Web builder SE plugin for Firefox, except you don’t get a test out the end, just a repeated function.


It’s turning out to be pretty useful for more drawn out repeated testing scenarios. It just saves in it’s native language all the actions you’ll want it to repeat. You just open the app, press record and then it records all the actions you take on your site. It’s great for testing re-filling a form, validation, long checkout processes.


1. Go to this page
2. Press the Submit button
3. Wait for it to load
4. Enter loadsa’ data

You can come back later too and edit or update the actions if they’re not quite right. So now you automate a simple repeated task / set of steps.

I’ve been able to reduce my testing cycle by minutes which will save me a lot of time over a long period of work.

It’d also be really useful if at work you find yourself repeating the same action over an over again on web forms or data entry.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 17.19.21

Show whitespace

Source Tree sees too many differences

Recently Source Tree has been going a bit mental

It see changes on lines that are “exactly” the same,

Hunk is same


and I didn’t want my commits to start getting messy when I can see there are no changes.

However, I realised this might be a LAMP stack developers way of looking at things, because I found a setting which changed it all…

Show whitespace

SourceTree is showing the differences in whitespace too, which is a very Python thing to care about. So, I turned it off, as whitespace doesn’t matter in PHP and boom… loads of hunks which aren’t changed have disappeared


etoro logo

What you should know before using eToro

Etoro is great and I’m having loads of fun in social investing. So much so I would totally recommend trying it. Here’s a little link if you’d like to sign up and poke around, http://etoro.tw/YbDXcJ

However, whilst you’re thinking about spending your first free $50, there’s some super massive common pitfalls/mis-understandings that have stung me and I’d love you to know them too!

On a plane
“On a plane”

None of the traders are full time traders and they can sometimes be away from their computer when it really matters. Twice I have had traders not be able to close or extend deals whilst they are away. Once whilst they were travelling on a plane all his deals closed prematurely at a massive loss before a swing. The other time, the Trader was only using their phone app and a “mobile app only” bug stopped them selling the trade when it was peaking and we slid down the other side, going from a ~+60% trade to a ~+35% trade.

"Personal issues"
“Personal issues”

Personal issues, because they are lone-wolfs and not in a supported team I have lost 2 whole accounts because a trader had “personal issues” and pretty much disappeared from the virtual trading floor whilst there was lots of money at the table. All the copiers sat around and watched our accounts fly down to a 95% stop-loss and boom, that was it. Obviously, holy crap I hope they / their family are ok with what ever happened and I wish them the best. But this is all for new copiers to realise that it will affect them.

Chill out
“Chill out”

Professional, this is also related to the lone-wolfs. A particular trader was so sure that their deal would “rally” that they blew the account. I imagine if they were part of a team, someone would pop their head round and say… “er… chill out and cut your losses”.

"Constant Contact"
“Constant Contact”
"Constant Contact"
“Constant Contact”

Constant contact, when deals are green (+ve), comments are flying onto their wall saying, “you’re a wizard” and they “own a crystal ball”. When they are in the red (-ve), most followers will be seen on the trader’s wall throwing panicky statements about “don’t f* it up” and “are you sure this is right…?”. If a trader is able to maintain some constant contact on their own wall and say “calm down” and “we’ll be fine” in the good or bad times, then us hoi polloi stay calmer and more trusting.

"My account's Gain"
“My account’s Gain”

my gain would be 0% without them

Don’t forget when you’re on eToro, you are mostly following the trades of amateurs. That’s not a bad thing and not meant to sound derogatory, and my gain would be 0% without them. Some of them are absolute whizzes and come back with a +50% increase every now and again which I imagine any stock broking team leader would want to hire. However, they’re not hired. So expect not a couple but more than a few proper and total breakages.

It all boils down to, “don’t forget you are mostly following amateur’s decisions” so only play with money you can really afford to lose.

If you’d like to try it, here’s my referral link to try it out (if you sign up, we both benefit). http://etoro.tw/YbDXcJ

Note: I am totally happy with all the traders I follow and thank them for their efforts, that’s why this is a constructive post not a “name and shame”. It is my choice to copy trade.

Xcode logo

Agree to Xcode licence…

Recently whilst trying to deploy a project with git, the command would fail/error and print out, “Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.”

Apparently Xcode had updated and I had to either… open Xcode and manually agree to the licence or in terminal type, `sudo xcodebuild -license`. That meant my local git would run again and I could one click deploy that bad-ass.

I’m not entirely sure why Xcode has anything to do with my git repos, however, it works for the time being. HTH !


Running Agile in a small team of 2 to 3

Recently I’ve been working on the site thisison.com which has frequently consisted of a remote team of 2, plus adding in occasional specialist freelancers.

This has proved difficult to work completely Agile as it works best with 4 to 8 people.

Here’s the changes we made and other salient points,

* Trello boards to maintain our progress
* A QA column was preceded with a new column, Product Owner feedback, so responses responsibility between us was clearer and Feedback didn’t get mixed into QA
* Sprints were frequently 80% time locked, and then 20% time available
* Sprint Setups felt like they took longer as the Product owner needed the developer’s time to discuss the backlog grooming
* There is only one person doing lots of the work, keep them pepped up
* Keep up the daily Scrums, even with 2 people they keep the heart beating
* New people were added to Trello and had a mandatory mini-intro so they understood the process extras

It’s mostly, don’t lose faith, it won’t run as smoothly as you hope to start with.


How to quickly delete a list in Trello

If like me, you occasionally need to copy Trello boards to create a new Agile Sprint the same as the last, it can be annoying clearing out all the duplicated tickets with it.

And you can’t just click on, “delete list” and permanently delete a list, because it doesn’t exist.

So the fastest way I’ve found to do it is this way…

* Select each ticket (using the keyboard arrow keys)
* Press `c` to archive each one (it archives it)
* Use the arrow key to navigate to the next one
* Repeat
* Once they’re done, Press `w`
* > archived tickets
* Select `Delete`, `Delete` from there

It’s all a lot less mouse or keyboard work

I wonder if you could write a Google Chrome plugin to sort it…?


How to celebrate St George’s Day

Type into Facebook or Twitter, “Happy St George’s Day!”.

We have now completed the minimum acceptable celebration. Now if you’re unsure of what else to do, you could copy me and appreciate…

  • the journey back into England after visiting a foreign country and looking at its luscious green endless fields.
  • some of the most heterogeneous History ever! Even if I don’t like all of it, there’s a lot to learn from it.
  • how if I hurt myself, I go to the doctors and I get helped. Breaking Bad would be a short series here
  • it’s lucky we were born here and not somewhere dangerous, in mass poverty, famine  or at war
  • that we build ourselves up every world cup for the football and it never happens

Who knows, next year, we may write something on Facebook AND splash out on a little on a cool England tee shirt . The day is whatever we want to make of it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 11.26.15


Time-saving tinned or Best before Toms?

That’s two weeks of trying out Pomodoro in various forms, how did it all go?

Good for…

Nice Tomato Sauce

  • Keeping you going all day: the frequent breaks meant you haven’t expelled your energy in the morning
  • Less wound up: Even my wife noticed at the end day



  • Peaking: In the morning you’re a lot more awake, so each 25 minute session cuts you off in your prime! But, saying that, it helps balance the day for when you’re more tired in the afternoon
  • Naughty: Feels like you’re having too many breaks



  • Illusions: When you start Pomodoro, your time is all wibbly wobbly timey wimey squiffy, so you’re not sure if it’s lunch or the end of the day
  • Retrospective: Leave a sentence or two at the end of each session in your code
    • What you need to do next
    • What’s blocking you



It’s very useful and it has kept me on task and working efficiently all day. The breaks also mean I get to stretch my legs and stop being like a battery-farm coder.

I think I’ll use it for days when it’s like flogging a dead horse, middle of the week slowdowns and after beers on a Friday lunch.




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